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A Kiruna Hotel, with a difference....
Stay with us in our home this winter
Hotel, Kiruna.

68° bed and breakfast

68 degrees bed and breakfast provides a comfortable home environment for up to five people. A double room on our upstairs floor feels more like an apartment than a hotel, with living space as well as a bedroom. If you are four or five people you can book the whole of the top floor and then you will have two living areas and your own shower room.

This is our home and we like to have direct contact with our guests ‐ we don't use intermediary or online booking agencies. You can book directly on our web page, or send us an email.

Our wooden house was built in the 1920s and was extended and renovated in more recent years. On one side we look out to the hills around, and on the other we're just 10 minutes' walk or less to anywhere you might want to go in town.

We don't promise you'll see the northern lights when you're here, but if they appear, and the sky isn't cloudy, you'll be able to see them from our garden.

Kiruna is a town with an interesting history and ‐ because the mine is extending underground ‐ a challenging present. The landscape around us is vast, peaceful, wild, and precious. It offers beautiful scenery, more silence than you will be used to, the sight of moose and reindeer wandering in the wild, frozen lakes to walk on, and a sky which is sometimes filled with northern lights.

Perhaps the very best experiences can come from exploring this environment independently ‐ you don't have to book yourself onto organised tours. We can help with advice and suggestions and help you make the most of your time here so you take away with you an experience you won't forget.

Staying at 68 degrees

You share our entrance and hallway, and we provide you with breakfast in our living room, while upstairs you have your own living space ‐ a bedroom and a living area.

One of our bedrooms has a living area with a balcony and views out of town, and the other room has a larger living room with an additional bed (this room is suitable for three people ).

You'll find more details about our rooms if you click on the 'Rooms' button above.

If you are a group of four or five people we offer special discounts for booking all of the upstairs of our house. Our space is ideally suited for a group, having its own private bathroom and a lot of living space. You can book this online but email us first so we can give you the discount.

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If you have any questions about staying with us just email us and we'll be happy to help.

Email: 68 degrees b&b